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  • Instacure Prague Powder #2 14oz-Model-IPP-214


    Instacure #2 (Prague Powder) is used for production of dry cured meats and sausages. It is dyed pink for identification purposes. Proper use of cures is responsibility of user. For sausage making Instacure #2 is used at the rate of 4oz to 100lbs of meat and is best incorporated into the mix by dissolving in ice-cold water and adding at the same time as the rest of the seasoning ingredients. Mix well. For smaller amounts of sausage use 1 tsp to 5lbs of meat. Follow all label directions. Must be used in conformance with FDA/USDA regulations. Keep away from children. Ingredients: Salt, sodium nitrite (5.67%), sodium nitrate (3.63%), FD&C Red #3 (0.00099%).