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  • Epsom Salt 5lbs - Magnesium Sulfate Bath Salt-Model-EPS-5

    • 100% Natural Mineral Epsom Salt in 5 Pound Resealable Pouch
    • Highest Quality Pharmaceutical Grade Epson Salt
    • Medium Grain Specifically Formulated To Dissolve Quickly. Translucent Crystals with the Highest Mineral Content Available
    • Dissolves Easily. Perfect for Soaking Sore Muscles, Calming Foot Bathe, Body Scrubs, and Much More
    • Pure Natural Remedy for Helping Muscle and Nerve Function and Flushing Toxins From the Body

      Natural Planet Epsom Salt 5lbs - Magnesium Sulfate Bath Salt - For Back Pain, Skin Problems, Aching Limbs, Muscle Strains, Healing Cuts, Muscle Pain and Cramps, Relieving Stress, Eliminating Toxins, and Soothing Aching Feet.